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Are you in pain? Need attention now? No Doctors referral required.

Knee Pain

Our expert physiotherapists can help you with knee pain from osteoarthritis, ACL tears, patellar-femoral syndrome, knee sprains, patellar fasciitis and any other type of knee pain.

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The knee is the most commonly injured joint in the body.

Knee pain is caused by a variety of injuries, most of which are from physical activity or lack thereof.

Some of the most common reasons for knee pain are swollen or torn ligaments, meniscus (cartilage) tears, and runner's knee. But the knee is a complex joint, and there's plenty more that can go wrong.

What conditions do we treat?

  • Osteoarthritis ACL tears
  • Patellar-femoral syndrome
  • Knee sprains
  • Patellar fasciitis
  • And any other type of knee pain

How do our physiotherapists treat knee pain?

  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Bracing Laser Therapy

Patient Testimonials

  • After having knee surgery, and not being able to walk up and down the stairs in my home because of arthritis, I seriously thought of selling my home and moving into a bungalow. I then found Dr.Maddalena and he treated me with the Low Intensity Laser Therapy. The results were nothing but astounding, I have my mobility back and stopped worrying about moving.
    - Ann Marcante, Arthritic Knees

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