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Are you in pain? Need attention now? No Doctors referral required.

Testimonials From Happy Patients

Since 2009, Accelerated Health Centre has served thousands of satisfied patients, some of whom have provided us with testimonials for you to read.

Matt MacLeod, Toronto Rock As a Professional and Major lacrosse player, I am constantly playing and training all season long with minimal rest. A few years ago I developed plantar fasciitis, and I was unable to even walk without pain. Last year while I was playing with the Orlando Titans, teammate Dr.Pat Maddalena provided me with a pair of custom orthotics. Within a month I was able to run pain free. I still continue to wear the same pair of orthotics during games and throughout everyday activities.

- Matt MacLeod, Toronto Rock

  • After six years of pain, I have been given back my quality of life. I am once again able to walk, bend and crouch. Before the treatments I was not able to tie my shoes, leash my dog or sometimes even get out of my favourite chair without pain. I am now pain-free and enjoying my life again thanks to only six treatments of Low Intensity Laser Therapy.
    - Suzanne Wurzer, Chronic Ligament Strain
  • After having knee surgery, and not being able to walk up and down the stairs in my home because of arthritis, I seriously thought of selling my home and moving into a bungalow. I then found Dr.Maddalena and he treated me with the Low Intensity Laser Therapy. The results were nothing but astounding, I have my mobility back and stopped worrying about moving.
    - Ann Marcante, Arthritic Knees
  • I spent 31 years with the Toronto Police Service and was looking forward to my retirement years. However, after so many years of trying to stay in shape by lifting weights, it caused me to have severe shoulder injuries. Thanks to your proper diagnosis and treatment along with using Laser Therapy, I'm finally pain-free with a full range of motion in my shoulders. Not only do I thank you, but so does my wife - she can finally get some sleep without my moaning in pain.
    - David Brown, Shoulder Injury
  • After 18 years of suffering I have found something that has brought significant relief. The effective treatment from Accelerated Health & Wellness Centre where they include Low Level Laser Therapy. It's amazing! Thank you for all your help. If you have pain try it.
    - Diane Bisson, Chronic Pain
  • As a hockey goalie I have had groin problems for the past 5 seasons. With the rehabilitation I received at AH&WC and using Laser Therapy treatment at the start of training camp. The groin pain went away and I did not have any problems during the entire season. I didn't have to wear a groin rap during play or have to ice up after each game and practice. Thank you AH&WC!!
    - Matt Mateja, Groin Injury
  • A week prior to my first game of the season, I badly sprained my throwing elbow. As severe as I thought my injury was, I was able to bounce back and not miss a single game, thanks to Dr. Maddalena. His fast and effective treatments abled me to get back to top form quickly and play pain and injury free. It also was a plus I was getting tips from a pro-athlete so he understood my frustration about wanting to play right away. Thank you Dr. Maddalena!
    - Nick Coutu, Quarterback Niagara Spears Football Team
  • I would recommend the services of Dr. Maddalena and his clinic to both aspiring and ancient athletes, as he is an athlete himself and clearly understands his patients. His services would also be applicable to anyone wanting to remain active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
    - Guy Graveline, Broken Leg
  • I was in a serious car accident. As a result I sustained injuries to my neck and lower back. With a proper diagnosis from AH&WC, of lesions to the nerves in these areas as well as suffering whiplash. I made a dramatic recovery through laser therapy, exercise and a commitment to my treatment. I would like to say THANK YOU AH&WC for the great care, support and encouragement and especially for making the rehabilitation process that much better by always making me feel comfortable.
    - Carol Gates, Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Dr.Maddalena (Chiropractor) was straight forward with me when he explained the future treatment for my herniated cervical disc, my shoulder and the nerve pain that radiated down my arm into my middle finger and assured me that he would do everything he could to bring me back to optimum health. Dr. Maddalena along with the entire team have taught me how to take care of my physical health through proper exercise and stretching but they have also helped my mental and emotional health in such a way that I go home at the end of my treatments with a positive feeling.
    - Debbie Eccles, Motor Vehicle Accident
  • I never thought chiropractic treatment would help my back but ever since I began treatment at Accelerated Health & Wellness Centre my back, as well as my neck (I have arthritis in my neck) in all honesty have never felt better.
    - Karen Shaw, Chiropractic Treatment
  • I have suffered with chronic lower back problems for about eight years or so. This is not my first time receiving successful Low Intensity Laser Treatments. The difference between this time and the last is that the team at AH&WC have educated me and have shown me through an exercise program how to maintain a healthier back. In combination with the exercise, Dr. Maddalena has been treating me using deep tissue work. When I first came to the Accelerated Health and Wellness Centre, I was unable to work because I couldn’t sit at my desk without severe pain. Now, I am back to normal function at work and I'm able to enjoy life more fully.
    - Monique Hines, Deteriorating Disc and Osteoarthritis
  • The first Chiropractic adjustment that I had at the clinic made a difference immediately and I have been coming back when ever I feel I need one. I cannot say enough about the relief that I have had with Dr. Maddalena's care, he was very thorough and quick to diagnose my problem and knew exactly how to correct my issue.
    - Tracey Gould, Headaches
  • I recently had reason to use their services with a leg injury. It could not have been more positive, encouraging and knowledgeable. The expertise inspired my confidence in the entire staff and in less than six weeks, my injury healed. I was very thankful to have received such expert care. Congratulations to all the staff at Accelerated Health and Wellness Clinic for consistent effort to create such a positive atmosphere. It inspires the healing process! We are very fortunate to have you in Pelham.
    -Gwenn Alves, Leg Injury
  • “Four months ago, I went to the Emergency Hospital because of severe dizziness. I spent 9 hours there and had numerous tests done. The Doctor’s diagnosis was that I had vertigo and he gave me some pills to take, but they had little effect. For the next 3 months I continued to have dizzy spells, stomach nausea and vomiting. Finally, I decided to come to Accelerated Health and Wellness Centre. Fifteen minutes of a vertigo treatment and I walked out of the office 98% cured. On the second visit, I was shown neck exercises to be done daily. I am continuing with those exercises, but I am so pleased to be 100% feeling better! I am truly amazed. Thanks You!
    -Lowell McDonald, Vertigo
  • "I remember rolling over in bed one morning and having the bed spin violently. I had to grab onto the sides of the mattress as a sort of anchor. I was really scared and had no idea what was going on. It took a while for me to be able to stand up and try walking. It felt like I was drunk. I had an appointment with my massage therapist the following week and she suggested I go see The Vertigo specialist at Accelerated Health and Wellness Centre in Fonthill. During my first visit, he explained what he was going to do and exactly what the problem was. After one treatment, I sat up and for the first time in two weeks, everything was still. I wasn't spinning, feeling sick to my stomach or staggering when I walked. A year later it happened again while I was on vacation, I was able to get an appointment very quick and in one treatment the vertigo was totally gone. I can’t thank him enough for getting me back on a straight line."
    -B.R Carroll, Vertigo
  • "I have fibromyalgia, Sjogren's Syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome. Due to these conditions, I was on several medications. Through Dr. Lara's care over the subsequent months, I have now stopped taking all medications and my pain has become non-existent. I appreciate all that she has done and continues to do to help me improve my health."
    Donna, Naturopathic Medicine